Inverted Arts is helping youth discover and unleash their creative voices for the good of their communities.


Our vision is to help young people from underserved communities explore their talents in everything from fashion to filmmaking, songwriting to storytelling, and drawing to design. Through this process they learn they are made in the image of God with incredible value, worth and creative potential. As their creativity is nurtured, they are drawn to their Creator and inspired to fill their communities with new ideas, innovation, transformation and hope. Through programs with partners, internships, scholarships, artistic and product development, and launching small businesses led by our scholarship graduates, creativity becomes a sustainable platform for personal and community development.


The core values of Inverted Arts are creativity, collaboration, compassion, community and character.


We believe that every person is created in the image of God in order to fill the earth with beauty, hope, and meaning. One of the most powerful ways to unleash this creativity is through the arts, which have the ability to bridge culture, class, race, and stereotypes. Art goes straight to the heart.


We believe that collaboration is a key ingredient of creativity. We are better creating together than apart. Creative collaboration teaches us to listen, learn, and work with others in order to bring a much fuller, deeper and more diverse expression to our art forms.


We believe that the reason God put us here on earth is to love and serve one another; especially those in need.  At our core we commit to developing compassionate hearts through serving others instead of ourselves in order to help alleviate their poverty, suffering and injustice. Our hope is that this compassion will be contagious.


We believe in deep and lasting relationships in community. We commit to listening, learning, loving, patience, honesty, building trust, respect and mutual accountability We are committed to people over product, relationships over results, and the good of the community over the good of the individual.


We believe the “who we are” question is more important than the “what we do” question. We want to help the young people we work with develop their full, God-given potential as human beings here on this earth. This type of character development happens best in the context of community and collaboration, and results in creativity and compassion, as we serve others as we make something of the world together.