Casa De Mi Familia

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By Artist Mentor – Sarah Nelson

In January John Mark and I completed our second joint visit to Tijuana. We left on New Years day, and spent 4 days with the kids of Casa De Mi Familia, completing another art workshop series, and spending time investing in our relationship with the kids.

Casa has undergone changes as some kids have had to move on to other living situations due to psychological needs. The work the kids have done continues to astound us; they continually build on their techniques, and their understanding of the materials. We are excited to begin planning our return trip August 2017!

One of our our goals is to develop methods for allowing students to grow in artistic capacity but also to find ways to promote the work they create to donors in the US. Inverted arts and the company John Mark and I run, Auslandish Company, are in the process of becoming platforms for purchase and display of the kid’s work. Stay tuned for what that will look like! We are also looking into ways to bring other teammates along.

It is a gift to have been building relationship with these youth for the last five years, and to be growing in dreams and methods for better empowering them to be creative, and independent individuals adding to the good in the world. We are so grateful for those of you who have partnered with us in this relationship.

There is a lot of good brewing in this relationship and partnership. We can’t wait to see where it will lead, and what these youth will create next!