Congratulations Eliza

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Congratulations to recent scholarship graduate Eliza Nyemah! We are so proud of your hard work and we know great things are ahead as you use your cooking and baking talents to serve your community with your delicious and nutritious creations!

From Eliza:

“Thanks be to God Almighty for making my dream a reality! Even though it is said that when any part of your body is deformed you are classified as disabled, which means you can’t do anything for yourself. But I believe that the worst thing that makes someone disabled is their mind, the way they think of themselves and accept life. There are people who not classified as disabled, but their minds and their thinking made them disabled. Some sit from morning to night to discuss unnecessary things that take their time for the day and at the end they go out looking for relatives, family, and friends to beg for helping hand. Others go out and smoke, get drunk, and steal, instead of identifying in themselves what they can do, they sit and do nothing to profit their own life or society at large. I see myself as an able person and not disabled because with this one deformed leg that I have I can think wisely, do things wisely, and most importantly, I have already started contributing to my nation and society. I have already started baking and cooking for groups of people from different places who are not only disabled. People call me a disabled woman, but I call myself an able woman! I can do “able” things that any other person can do!

Today I was awarded with a diploma and certificate as a strong, determined, conscientious, regular, hard working and respectful student from Addo Mills vocational school. It’s because of my mind set that I was able to be recognized and honored from among many students. Lord, I am so grateful for this opportunity through Inverted Arts and their hard working team!

This smile is remarkable. Miss Nyemah 💯💯 Determine and energetic woman 💪🙏♥️❤️💞💕 Grateful soul!!!! The senior caterer!”