Give to the Max and Giving Tuesday

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FALL 2023 GOAL: $25,000

Raised so far $23,550

Thirteen Years of Creativity Changing Communities!

For thirteen years Inverted Arts has been planting creative seeds at Hope Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Mathare Community Outreach in Nairobi, Kenya. Now those seeds are bearing fruit! Thanks to your continued investment, creativity is changing communities through a commitment to these flourishing, long-term partnerships!  

This fall we invite you to invest in our Inverted Arts programs, internships, scholarships and small business partnerships. Our goal is to raise $25,000 through two fundraising events: “Give to the Max” for Minnesotans on November 16th and “Giving Tuesday” for the rest of the US and Canada on November 28th. 

Together we will continue to make a difference in these communities by investing in the creativity and dreams of their talented youth! It has been an amazing thirteen years and we are so grateful for your partnership and support!

Hope Academy – Minneapolis, MN

For thirteen years, we’ve been asking summer Art Exploration students at Hope Academy, “What’s RIGHT with you!?” The answer is that they are gifted, talented, and filled with creative potential just waiting to be unleashed! Inverted Arts has filled a creative arts programming need at Hope by providing professional Artist Mentors who lead sessions in filmmaking, songwriting, photography, theater, visual art and dance. Middle school students have gone on to become high school interns during the program, received college scholarships and internships working with the Artist Mentors on creative projects!  

Watch this short video from Upper School Principal Nathan Ziegler describing the impact on Hope students and their community!

Mathare Community Outreach – Nairobi, Kenya

For thirteen years Mathare Art Camp students have heard the same message: “You are created2create; made in God’s image with value, worth and creative potential!” At every Art Camp students have the opportunity to explore the worlds of fashion, filmmaking, photography, dance, songwriting and visual art. In those classes they’ve discovered their gifts and talents and started to dream of a future using their creativity to transform their own lives and their community!

Now those dreams are becoming realities! How do we know? Our Kenyan Small Business Partners, Art Camp Directors, Artist Mentors, assistant mentors and scholarship students have one thing in common: they are all former Art Camp students!

But don’t take my word for it. Watch this short video from our Mathare friends describing their own creative journeys.