Give to the Max Day

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If you missed Give to the Max Day, you can still help us reach our goal!

Inverted Arts helps students from under-resourced communities in Minnesota and around the world discover what’s “RIGHT” with them. As they discover and unleash their creative voices, their own lives changed and so are their communities! 

2022 GOAL: $22,000

Local Programs – $11,000 

Global Programs – $11,000 

Thank you!

1. Local Programs – Minnesota

Inverted Arts hires professional Artist Mentors to help students discover and unleash their creative voices in a variety of artistic mediums: filmmaking, songwriting, visual art, photography, graphic design, spoken word, theater, and more!  We offer before/after school programs and Art Camps with partners at Hope AcademyFriendship AcademyExploration High School,  The Park PlaceEastside Neighborhood Services, and Venture Academy. We pay our Artist Mentors $100/hour class and we serve over 500 MN students each year!

2. Global Programs – Kenya and Liberia

Inverted Arts offers Art Camps, Scholarships, and Small Business Investment opportunities for students at Mathare Community Outreach in Kenya and Mission of Hope for the Disabled in Liberia. 

Small Business Leaders:

Kenya L-R: Kevin (Video Production), Yvonne (Fashion Design), Seth (Art School)

Liberia L-R: James (Graphic Design), Joetta (Cosmetology), Daniel (Barber/Visual Artist)

Scholarship Students:

Liberia (TL-BR): James, Eliza, Elizabeth, Joseph, Marthaline, Madison, Bale

Kenya (TL-BR): Stephanie, Phoebe, Elijah, Cassandra, Dorothy, Brian, Ronn