Liberian Business Partner Updates

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CAGOC Construction Update
Creative Arts Group of Companies

James, Joetta and Daniel are co-leaders of CAGOC – the Creative Arts Group of Companies. In fall 2021, construction began on the CAGOC building on the Mission of Hope for the Disabled (MHD) property that will house these three businesses. It is a unique design in that the building sits on the Mission grounds, but the front doors will be connected to the security wall and open onto the main street bustling with potential customers. This will provide safety for supplies and equipment and eliminate the need for daily transportation. Currently the building project is at roofing level, but progress has slowed due to the rainy season. The workers will start roofing and plastering the walls next month!

James Prowd 
St. James GraFix Tech

Greetings to everyone in the Inverted Arts family! We are very grateful every day for the opportunity to explore creative skills for the good of our community! St James GraFix Tech is the arm of CAGOC that provides graphic design, printing, and computer services. Business activities are as usual except for the downward curve in our economy that has affected the rate of monthly customers. We recently received the second year money of the Inverted Arts small business grant which we used to I add a computer (laptop), replace a malfunctioning heat press printer and buy stationary supplies.

Daniel Kapu
Big Dreams Barbershop

By the grace of God the Big Dreams Dreams business is going on well. I am trying my best every day and night to see the growth and improvement of the business and luckily for me God is answering my little prayer requests. Right now, I am independent and responsible in the society. Also, since I started the business, it has made me recognized positively in my community. For the past six months the Big Dreams business center has been compared with other modern business centers that have existed four to five years. Big Dreams business center has been successful in getting more customers, but we are finding it difficult to get strong and stable electricity that will enable us to use all of our equipment to work easier for us. We’re also finding it difficult to protect our materials from robbers over night, so right now the business is paying extra monthly fees to a security firm. But I am sure that with hard work and commitment the Big Dreams business will become worldwide.

Joetta Togbah
Embellish Salon

Our gratitude goes to Inverted Arts for the opportunity to express our creative knowledge for the the benefits of our community. Embellish Salon is the arm of CAGOC that provides facial, manicure/pedicure, and hair fixing. I have two problems: carrying materials back and forth became dangerous and most of my stuff was being destroyed on a daily basis. After sharing this problem with others, I learned it was safer to serve customers from home, which is working well. Second, due to the weather conditions (rainy season), our water is not good for the materials. With the second year of the Inverted Arts investment, I added the following items: sprays and body sprays, grease, combs, manicure/pedicure set and facial sets, and creams that are necessary for beautifying. Once again, I am very grateful for all of the opportunities that help to develop my skills and abilities in my business.