Mission of Hope Scholarship Students

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We’re excited for you to meet our new and continuing Inverted Arts scholarship recipients at the Mission of Hope for the Disabled in Liberia!

New Students:

Marthaline Kollie

To be disabled in Liberia it is not easy. You will be overlooked, limited and insulted. Many times I crawled on my knees and hands to get around, and my friends began to mock me and called others around to make fun of me. Many times I sat by myself and cried a lot. My parents fought hard for me to put me somewhere good that will be right for me. Thanks to God for my parents who brought me to the Mission of Hope for the Disabled (MHD), and now I am seeing myself gradually becoming productive. I’ve chosen to study Cosmetology because I have so much interest in it and it has lot of career opportunities. My field of study will benefit MHD as I work to develop others and start to generate funding to contribute to the upkeep of the Mission.

Joseph Wilson

My entire high school life, I have always worried how to go forward after high school because my dad is disabled and mother is a nurse who is not employed. Both volunteer their services at Mission of Hope for the Disabled. My interest grew in arts when I took part in the first Inverted Arts Art Camp at Mission of Hope. Working in the video and photography classes gave me a desire to study computer. I am going to study computer information at Starz University and after I complete my studies I will provide services for MHD. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

Madison Kangar

I am disabled and a resident of Mission of Hope for the Disabled for the past fourteen years. My time being with the mission, brought me joy and happiness and is paving the way to my destiny. My interest in the arts began from the day I graduated from high school when I started learning graphic design using CorelDraw and Photoshop with the little knowledge gained from friends and watching YouTube videos. I have chosen Starz University and my field of study is Database Administration and Database design. This gives me the edge to achieve my goal in the arts. Almost all aspects of my life have been connected to the Mission of Hope for the Disabled and I stand to always serve the growth of the mission.

Continuing Students:

Elizabeth Neste

Hello from Liberia! I would like to take this time to appreciate you and the other supporters for your hard work and support towards me in my education. I’m attending the Starz University and majoring in Computer Science and Journalism. My current status is Sophomore 2. Next year I will be a junior student at the Starz University. My dream is to be a journalist and help other disabled young adults in my community!

James Prowd

Thanks a lot to Inverted Arts for the continuous support and prayers. I am in my junior year and majoring in Information Technology and Graphic Design.
My current classes are computer programming, web design and management, networking, and leadership. The school has added so much to my life and business. Last semester I did a course titled: Introduction To Business and I am so happy for the new ideas. Above all Let the name of our Lord Jesus be praised. 

Eliza Nyemah

Hi to everyone at Inverted Arts. I am very grateful to you and all your supporters who are making my dreams come true! I am attending Addo Mills vocational school as a pastry student. I am learning a lot of different food and cake designs. I am a senior student now and will be graduating December. Thanks be to God Almighty for safety.

Bale Jackson

I am studying tailoring and learning to design and sew clothes that will make people very attractive, and by this I will be adding beauty to God’s creation. My artistic goals are to design and sew design clothes, to empower myself and train others, and to become a teacher for the Mission of Hope vocational school. I will design hand bags for ladies and book bags for students and the profit will be shared between me and the Mission. In the future when I have a shop, I will train other members of the Mission to work with me. I am so glad today I am chosen to fulfill one of my greatest desires of being a professional tailor.