PSP National Night Out

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PSP National Night Out from Inverted Arts on Vimeo.


By DelStarr

I got the chance to perform and participate at the People Serving People’s National Night Out event on August 7th. This event took me back to when my family and I was in their place, struggling. It’s not an easy thing being homeless or living in a shelter especially if you’re still young. Out of the whole night, my favorite moments were (one) seeing everyone smiling as they watched my performance. It was even a greater joy, was seeing them come together as they tried to guess what I was painting before I finished painting it. And need I to say that they guessed it right before I flipped the canvas. I guess one of them figured that I must have been painting it upside down, because it only took one to guess that it was the statue of liberty and all of sudden they could all see it.

Not only did I get to perform for them, but I also gave them an opportunity to get their hands dirty, and collaborate with me. I put up an empty canvas and invited them to come and paint. What took me by surprise is that everyone joined and started to paint! I’m talk from young to older people, and people of all races. We even got a cop to pick up a brush and paint! Everyone came and left their print on the canvas.