Raygen Samone’s “I AM”

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Minneapolis Documentary Photographer Raygen Samone presents a Children’s collection based on the summer photo session “Raygen Samone’s Sons & Daughters.” The book “I AM: A-Z Affirmations with African American Children,” was created to mainstream images that dignify and celebrate African American Children. The board game, by the same name, was made for young ones to enjoy alone, or with others, to encourage self-confidence, stir a desire for competition and associate African American children with words of virtue! The apparel connects the two and brings to mind feelings of playfulness and joy. We are all, African Americans included, made in the image of God and deserve dignity, respect and celebration! Please join us in spreading this truth and pray that God would be made much of through this project. You can support “I AM” by purchasing the book, board game and apparel for your young ones, or for $85, you can donate a box to a family that includes the book, game and a tshirt.

To purchase “I AM” products or for more info go to: raygensamone.com/iam.
To donate towards an “I AM”Gift Box (game, book, t-shirt) for a family in Minneapolis go to: invertedarts.com/donate