Recreation Factory Arts Report

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By Small Business Partner Seth Luchemo

The Recreation Factory provides opportunities for young artists to develop their talents and skills. We are grateful to have partnered with Inverted arts in making this dream a reality.

In 2022 we have started Saturday classes for young people in Mathare, in partnership with Mathare Worship Centre where we have been allowed to use the church facility to do the sessions. We have a total of 15 students who actively participate in the training and we hope to have more in the near future.

We have been in talks with performing artists in Mathare, just to be able to understand their needs and struggles as we customize a program that will suite them better. From the conversations we have been able to note that most of the artist are not able to pay for studio session or music classes as most of them don’t have a stable source of income and depend on their craft which is yet to bear fruits as they are still in new in the market.

We are hoping to recruit artists who will participate in our mentorship and artist-development programs in the coming month. The plan is to have a mini-concert where we will share our strategic plan and those willing will sign up for our classes and make a commitment to participate fully and adhere to our rules and expectations.

With the funds we received from Inverted Arts we have been able to secure a few equipments for the sound business and also we have received donation of 7 naked speakers, 1amplifier and 2 speaker stands from a well-wisher. The donation has helped us a great deal in having a concrete sound system that can be hired out already. Part of the funds we received was used to repair and buy accessories for the donated equipments.

We were able to have our first successful sound business on the 26th of February, this is a big milestone for us, as we were able to market ourselves to more people present at the wedding ceremony we supplied the sound. The profits earned from the transaction will be able to buy a few accessories that we were not able to secure.