Simpson Art Exploration

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by Artist Mentor – Sarah Albinson
On January 23rd, Inverted Arts partnered with Simpson’s mentor program.
In this program, men and women from the surrounding community volunteer their time to meet with youth from Simpson and build a relationship. We had the great opportunity of being their weekly activity that day.
We had 14 people in total show up. 7 youth and 7 adults. We gathered and had some pizza and got to know each other. I (Sarah Albinson) did some demos on shading and line quality, and from there built into the main project of the day: to tell a personal story through visual means. I was impressed and humbled by how quickly people were willing to share special and intimate moments from their life, and how incredibly talented all the participants were.
After we were done creating we set aside some time to share our images with one another. We shared our stories and we shared our illustration process. The mentors and the youth were incredibly honest and vulnerable, and it was a powerful and beautiful experience for everyone involved. I felt so honored to have participated in those hours with new friends.
Their work will be on display in the IA studio during Art-A-Whirl May 20-22. Be sure to stop by and see their wonderful work.