Sojourner Truth Academy Christmas Cards

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We’reĀ  excited about our newest partnership with Sojourner Truth Academy in North Minneapolis. You can read more about the school and the great work they are doing HERE. Our first project together is a student Christmas Card competition and the winners are: Hector Valdez – 5th grade, Kylia Porter – 6th grade, and Malik Matthews – 7th grade.

Hector Valdez – 5th Grade
Kylia Porter – 6th Grade
Malik Matthews – 7th Grade

The cards are being printed as you read this and sets of 9 cards (3 of each design) will be given as a Christmas gift to all families and staff of Sojourner Truth Academy. You can get your very own package of 9 cards as a gift if you make a donation of $10 or more to help us cover costs of this project. Special thanks goes to STA art teacher Erik Lundgren, Renee Kraemer and Luke Trouten for layout and design help, and Dave Lundell and Anchor Paper for their donation of 3,000 envelopes!