What’s an Artist Mentor?

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  1. A wise and trusted counselor, teacher or guide.
  2. A relationship where one person empowers another

(at right – Odysseus asks his friend, Mentor, to be in charge of his son, Telemachus, while he is at war.)

At Inverted Arts we are passionate about relationships that empower young people who are trapped by poverty. Our network of Artist Mentors are leaders who are committed to pouring themselves into others, identifying their God-given potential and helping them grow and flourish.

Click here to see a list of those Artist Mentors who will serve in various projects, product development, art camps and in creative collaboration. Through this association Inverted Arts commits to serve and support these Artist Mentors in their own creative work and efforts. Please take the time to get to know these talented folks and visit their websites to see what they’re cooking up.