Where Should I Go?

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People Serving People (PSP) is a homeless shelter in Minneapolis serving children and their families. Throughout 2016, PSP youth staff have been bringing teens to the Inverted Arts studios to explore their creative voices in music, video, photography and visual art. Inverted Arts is a safe, creative, inspiring and loving environment where students can discover and unleash their creativity in order to find hope and healing. During a recent Music Exploration session, a young 13 year-old boy wrote this song, “Where Should I Go?” Inspired by the 2011 animated film “Rango,” this student wrote original lyrics and music, placing himself as the character at the center of the story. It’s such a powerful example of art giving a voice to the voiceless! The song’s big question is one that challenges each of us, not only to hear it, but to respond to it in some way.

Where Should I Go?

Verse 1

I went to a town in a desert called “Dirt,”

A few dirty people that seemed happy,

With their old chipped houses falling apart.

People said I shouldn’t be there,

“I’m just thirsty,

Can I have a cup of water?”


Where should I go to find water and a place to call home?

Where should I go,

Where should I go?


Verse 2

 I went to a town in a forest called “Renew.”

I saw everything was all clean,

I saw a big water tank,

And they said certain days you can get water.

I went to the mayor,

He told me to “go to the sun.”

Just where should I go?