Yvonne Asunnah Kenya Update

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Fashion Designer Yvonne Asunnah was our very first small business partner four years ago! She leads Yvonne Asunnah Kenya and Mathare Creative Foundation and is doing incredible work for her community through fashion design and mentoring. From Mathare Art Camp student assistant, to Artist Mentor, to scholarship recipient, to small business partner, Yvonne’s journey has been powerful and valuable in establishing a pathway at Inverted Arts for young people to use their creativity to begin changing their communities! We now have six small business partnerships; three in Kenya and three in Liberia. As our next wave of scholarship recipients graduate, we are excited to invest in more young entrepreneurs in 2023! Our small business partnership program offers five-year grants for our scholarship graduates to launch a business, become profitable and self-sustaining, and benefit the community through jobs, mentoring, products and services!

More about Yvonne’s story HERE.

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