Business Launch in Liberia!

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We are excited to announce the launch of a small business startup called Creative Arts Group of Companies (CAGOC). CAGOC will be led by Inverted Arts scholarship students James Proud, Joetta Togbah and Daniel Kapu who are residents of the Mission of Hope for the Disabled outside of Monrovia, Liberia. The mission of CAGOC is to provide creative services for the community in graphic design and IT (James), cosmetology and beauty (Joetta), and visual art (Daniel). CAGOC’s secondary mission is to develop the artistic talents of other young people from the Mission and surrounding community.

Inverted Arts has committed $15,000 in startup investment with the goal of CAGOC becoming self sufficient after year 5. CAGOC is currently preparing for construction of a building that will house the group of businesses just inside the gates of the Mission with the front doors built through the property wall (photo below). The location was chosen for it’s proximity to the busy local street, the protection and safety of the gated area, and once constructed, the opportunity to operate the business rent-free.

James, Joetta and Daniel of CAGOC write, “It is with great joy and high enthusiasm that we look forward to starting this initiative! We are so excited first, because we are chosen among the many inhabitants of this mission to be the Pathfinders. Second, it is the fulfillment of our various professional goals and talents. Amidst the joy, we acknowledge the serious challenge ahead. This is our first time starting a business for some of us, though some of us also had been doing business but on a small scale and form. But with the guidance of every partner Mission of Hope for the Disabled and Inverted Arts and CAGOC the success of this initiative is certain. Thanks to everyone who continues to support us and help make something meaningful out of our lives!”