Mexico Part 1

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Siempre1Siempre2Siempre3It was terrifying stepping into a trip that I was in charge of from the ground up, but thanks to God it has gone so incredibly, my jaw is simply stuck to the floor. Lisa Albinson, and I have been here for four days, and we have officially reached our half way marker. Lisa is teaching a t-shirt creating technique that is her own invention and I am teaching lynoblock printmaking. The final projects will be a t-shirt of their own design for themselves, and a series of 24 hand made post cards that are their own designs of Siempre Para Los Ninos (which is the place we are working at).
The dedication in these students is out of this world. Students are begging to stay even late into the night to continue working on their projects. We have been teaching 3 classes a day, and some students opted to come to all three sessions. I have never encountered this kind of dedication or passion. The most amazing thing is that the students demonstrating the most promise are those who have been, in other settings, the trouble makers and those who have dropped out of school. Not only are they showing extraordinary dedication, they are incredibly gifted. They are picking up the craft perfectly without prior exposure within minutes and then teaching their peers.
Needless to say, Lisa and I are humbled and amazed by the people we have been encountering.
Please continue to pray for these amazing men and women and their leaders as they continue to face many challenges in life. They are gifted, they have voices, and I am learning as much from them as I am teaching them.

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  1. Tom

    Thanks for the update and the photos! I love hearing how eager the kids are to learn from Sarah and Lisa – and how the kids are engaging in these techniques of artistry! Beautiful!

  2. Karen & Ted Springer

    The work you do is amazing… We met you briefly last Saturday @ Siempre and were so impressed with how engaged the kids were as they worked on their projects. The Siempre family has been greatly blessed by your visit!. We’ll be posting photos and your website on our Facebook account. Thanks for your dedication! Wishing you both a safe trip home, Karen