STA Art Exploration 2013

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IMG_3029IA has just wrapped up another successful Art Exploration program at Sojourner Truth Academy in North Minneapolis. About 20 talented middle schoolers participated in either music or video classes. On Friday, December 6th, the students presented their creative masterpieces to their peers and STA staff at a Showcase event.

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Music Class

Artist Mentor Neel Sharma (assisted by Mr. Broderick)

Neel writes: “As a musician, people always ask me what famous musicians inspire me. They’re always surprised when I respond with “no one”. I do what I do for the generation to come; the youth. That’s who inspires me. Working with the talented kids at STA reaffirmed this source of inspiration. Not only did we come together to have a great time and make some music, but throughout our short time together I also learned quite a bit about them – their passions, their interests, and most importantly, I caught a glimpse of the experiences that have shaped them. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a voice worthy of being heard. It was a privilege being able to be a part of this program with IA and STA.”

“They Don’t Know us” by ReRe, Dviaughn, Antionatt, Jonae

“Tha Bomb” by Tammie, Jenny, Keshay, Preston

“Turn Up” by Jolean, Latrel, Miracle, Jammra

Video Class

Artist Mentor – Mark Collier (assisted by Ms. Nicole)

Mark writes: “Our video class was made up of some talented, imaginative, and energetic students who worked very hard to create a short film called “Revenge?” that deals with the tough topic of bullying. Bullying is a very painful and real problem in most schools around the country and the student who is bullied often deals with deep feelings of revenge and “getting even.” But does revenge make things better or worse? What happens when we repay evil with even more evil? After viewing the movie at the Showcase, staff led students in small group discussions about bullying. They shared their own observations, personal experiences, and used the message of the film to talk about what to do with their feelings of revenge. Later, they shared their observations together with the larger group and brainstormed about ways to prevent bullying in their school. The film the students created is very personal, intense, and unique to the STA community, and therefore, will not be made public.”






  1. DViaughn

    Ayeeee I did the song they don’t know us and I need help on my album I go to sta and I need to start recording I need a mentor