Upendo Art Camp

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Join us in celebrating the incredible creativity of students at Upendo Children’s Center in Kenya during Art Camp 2024! This year students participated in classes in music, dance, crafts, filmmaking and photography led by Seth Luchemos, Recreation Factory School of Arts and his amazing team of Artist Mentors! Grateful to partner with Beyond Our Door Global, Recreation Factory, and everyone at Upendo! Thank you for your support for Inverted Arts that makes all of this possible!

“An unforgettable finale to our art camp – a joyful blend of creativity through crafts, dance, music, photography, and videography. Memories captured, talents celebrated, and friendships sealed in color and rhythm. Grateful to Inverted Arts and Beyond Our Door Global for making this happen.”

Seth Luchemos – Art Camp Director

  1. Erma

    My prayer is that each one of these precious young people will accept Jesus as their Savior and let Him lead them into the future.
    God Bless all the Leaders !!!!