Visual Arts Interns at IA Studios

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By Artist Mentor Sarah Albinson
I have the privilege of working with a few teens, this winter, in the Inverted Arts space! We meet weekly, working on each student’s individual projects. My students are based out of former Hope Academy classes I have taught in the past four years!! It has been really incredible to be able to further these relationships, and further their abilities through intentional time in the Inverted Arts studio! The functionality of the class, is based entirely on the determination and personal drive each participant has, and is structured similarly to an independent study.

I am co-leading with Artist Mentor Heather Albinson, who has a wonderfully unique and truly beautiful style.
Together we have worked to create project concepts for each individual participant, and the end results will be displayed in the Inverted Arts space during Art-a-Whirl this coming May 15-17th! You are invited to come into the space and see it displayed!
I am really excited about the work that is being exhibited by these students, and the chance to teach with Heather!
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  1. Ian maina

    You are a wonderful teacher Sarah…God will surely bless you for the new skill I learned from you..THANK YOU ALOT!!!