DR- in Retrospect – Sarah

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photo taken by Yelisa – a Photography student at the IA camp.


I think that the DR has a secret way of stopping and prolonging time. Sadly, it’s power to do so, was not strong enough to keep Sunday at bay. Those that we worked along side feel like family, and the rooms in which we stayed feel like home. Our dear hostesses: Miguelina, whose home we were blessed to stay in, and Kristin, who has coordinated this trip with Mark, and been our main contact, have become my dear sisters and mentors.

The Dominican has made a lasting impression and the lessons learned, I am fighting to keep as habits and perspective even while I continue to work with Inverted Arts in the States.

I continue to be inspired by the helpfulness and kindness of the students we encountered. How amazing is it to see students produce such amazing images, movies, music, and paintings, after less than a weeks worth of exposure to a medium!!

La Republica de Dominicana: YOU HAVE TALENT!

There is something very profound and incredibly important in trying to find ways to re-envision, or re-perceive the world around us.  To give new eyes and remind ourselves of the beauty and/or the state of the world around us.

I am still so proud of my students to have been able to wrestle with one small compound as their setting day after day after day, and to continue to find beauty and to create beautiful images through it.

It was such a privilege to spend the time with them and help them explore their own world through a lens. Even more so, however, I was amazed to see who they were deep down: incredible proactive leaders and young men and women who desire to empower, and who have hope and give hope to those around them, near and far.

I will continue to be blessed and honored to have spent even a mere week with young men and women of this caliber.

– Sarah Albinson