Siempre Orphanage – Mexico

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From March 19-27, Sarah and Lisa Albinson will be working with the kids at the Siempre Para Los Ninos Orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico. They will be teaching stencil t-shirt creation and basic block printmaking that will help them create products through which they can creatively express themselves, but also products they can mass produce and therefore hopefully create supplemental if not sustaining income. We are so excited to begin our first Inverted Arts project with the kids and staff of Siempre and look forward to the possibility of an ongoing partnership together. We also can’t wait to see what creative ideas these talented kids come up with!

Siempre 1

A little more about Siempre Para Los Ninos:

Siempre’s Kids each come in desperation: one dropped off in the middle of a stormy night, an infant with Down’s Syndrome- malnourished, close to her end, a brother and sister- both parents taken by violence… every child has a story… Siempre’s leaders embrace and welcome each one.  Children, once lonely, living in fear, hunger and cold discover the hope of nutritious meals, a warm dry place to live, the security of family the opportunity for an education and an invitation to fellowship with God together in the chapel at Siempre.  Siempre is more than an invitation to a better life today.  Siempre is the promise of a future and a hope.

Check out more at the Siempre website HERE.