Soul Food Connect was Transformative!

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By O’Bu Mar’Konash

Friday, July 14, 2017 was a night of community, culture and creative expression. It was one of those all too rare summer nights that yield everlasting memories of joy, harmony and being apart of something greater than self. It was the Soul Food Connect #4— live from Inverted Arts!

In 2015 Soul Food Connect was conceived (as the first brainchild of MANSA Productions) by O’Bu Mar’Konash on the of notion of building a social and economic apparatus for young Black artist, entrepreneurs and community organizers. Having spent over 8 years learning, working and living in the creative sector of both Miami, FL and the Twin Cities, and being an artist, business owner and community developer— through first hand experience Mar’Konash developed an acute understanding of the three greatest challenges that young Black artists, entrepreneurs and organizers face. These being:

1. The lack of Community Cohesiveness/Support System(s)
2. Access to Social and Economic resources
3. “Organic Spaces” for Growth, Development of Ideas and Self-expression

The Soul Food Connect works by organizing local Artists, Business and Community organizations that have a vested or similar interest in our mission. Organizations like Inverted Arts, who graciously provides space and support for us to facilitate Soul Food Connect, and a vast network of local artists and businesses that collaborate with us to share their talents and promote their brands. But the true Essence of Soul Food Connect cannot not be captured in words, but must be felt through experience.

It’s one of those things where you have to be there to be there— just know that Soul Food Connect has changed my life by giving me a different perspective on what it means to be apart of a Community. It has shifted my paradigm on what a “support-system” means. Soul Food Connect has taught me to embrace those who support you and pray for those who don’t. Soul Food Connect has shown me a side of the Twin Cities that I was once blind to. Soul Food Connect has and is teaching me how to listen, it has taught me a lesson in giving through expression. Soul Food Connect has taught me how to let go the right way— and none of this would’ve be possible without​ Inverted Arts and random people I’ve met in the Cities coming together and forming Community and Sharing ideas and gifts of Knowledge¹, Wisdom² and Understanding³ via Soul Food, Art and Conversation!

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