Give to the Max and Giving Tuesday

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FALL 2023 GOAL: $25,000 Raised so far $23,550 Thirteen Years of Creativity Changing Communities! For thirteen years Inverted Arts has been planting creative seeds at Hope Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Mathare Community Outreach in Nairobi, Kenya. Now those seeds … Continued

Kariobangi Art Camp Coming!

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We’re super excited about our upcoming Art Camp led by Kenyan business partner and Artist Mentor Seth Luchemos! The Art Camp runs December 1st-4th and features classes in music, photography and visual art for fifty students living at the Kariobangi … Continued

Exploration High School

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We’re in our third year partnering with the amazing students and staff at Exploration High School. Here’s a sneak peek in on creative sessions with the talented students of Exploration High School led by Artist Mentor Pierre Fulford this fall. … Continued

Hope Academy – Partnering for Thirteen Years

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For thirteen years, we’ve been asking summer Art Exploration students at Hope Academy, “What’s RIGHT with you!?” The answer is that they are gifted, talented, and filled with creative potential just waiting to be unleashed! Inverted Arts has filled a … Continued

Kenyan Business Partner Retreat

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What a gift to be able to spend time with our Kenyan Business Partners Seth Luchemo, Yvonne Asunnah, and Kevin Fraji (L-R above) at Brackenhurst Conference Center in Limuru, Kenya last month. After three years limited to online communication due … Continued

Thirteen Years of Mathare Art Camps!

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These business leaders, Art Camp Directors, Artist Mentors, assistant mentors and scholarship recipients all have one thing in common: they were once students at the Mathare Art Camp!

Mathare Art Camp 2023

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We just wrapped up our thirteenth Art Camp in the Mathare Valley, Kenya in partnership with Mathare Community Outreach! This year’s theme was “I Am God’s Masterpiece” and a beautiful week of creativity ended with a Showcase celebration where students … Continued

Pasadena Art Camp

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This year’s Montrose Church Pasadena-Bresee Campus Art Camp, “Live in Color,” just wrapped up with an incredible Showcase on Friday night. During the week, students in 1st – 5th grades enjoyed creative sessions in percussion, improv, dance, choir and visual … Continued

Art Exploration at Hope Academy

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Can you believe it’s been thirteen summers of Art Exploration programs with Hope Academy!?! This year’s program included classes in songwriting, filmmaking, theater, dance and visual art and concluded with an amazing Showcase where we all celebrated the creative achievements … Continued

$26,222 Raised!

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THANK YOU for helping us pass our goal and raise $26,222 for our scholarship program and small business partners!!! Thank you to everyone who came out to our Dessert Nights in Maple Grove, MN, to Joe Davis and D’Viaughn Smith … Continued