Fall Program Update

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By Raygen Samone – IA Creative Co-Director

What a season! More than halfway through Autumn, I am so grateful to be a small part in all of these young ones’ lives. Here’s an update on each of the programs in Minneapolis, MN!

Friendship Academy – Monday and Wednesday mornings I’m joined by a group of 8-10 elementary and middle school students to do a different activity from start to finish. Before each class I’ll write in big letters on the whiteboard: Creativity is about using your mind, body and resources to create something new. During one session, each student was given two pieces of paper and scissors and instructed to make whatever they could come up with. One morning, a bunch of board games were laid out — without instructions in the boxes — and the students were invited to make up the rules using what they had: their minds, bodies, and resources. I’m looking forward to spending the next few weeks making with them!

Venture Academy – Accompanied by staff and college interns, Thursday’s are a cinch. A group of 9 middle and high schoolers are working together to make 3 or 4 short films of their choice. The creative process led way to three weeks of Who am I? Who are we together? What should we make? This Thursday, the students will be finalizing their scripts and making their backgrounds and or gathering supplies to begin filming next week!

iMAGE bEARERS –  My sweet group of middle school girls is entering Week 6 of 10 in their journey of How To Make Culture. They’ve asked questions like What is ethnicity? Is it good or bad? What is culture? Is it good or bad? What is our ethnicity and culture? Is it good or bad? This week we’ll conclude the session theme and move into their creative venture; making a short film of their choice, based on all they’ve learned. I’m excited to see what creative ideas they have!

Open Studio – Finally, Open Studio has marked week one of eight! Up to fifteen 9-18 year olds are welcomed to join me in the Inverted Arts studio to make. And that’s it! This week’s group of ten enjoyed photography, beat making, podcasting, collaging and crafting.

Thank you for partnering with Inverted Arts and I, and for giving youth time and space to create!