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The four middle school girls that make up Session IV of iMAGE bEARERS had WAY too much fun at their 24 hour retreat mid-December! They took all their teachings about culture and ethnicity, from the previous months, to make a creative film — that we can look forward to early this year! The girls have formed a sweet friendship and enjoyed ending a long creative day by spending a few hours at Minneapolis’ infamous Holidazzle winter carnival! They have been learning that Story is when A character wants something and overcomes obstacles to get it — all the while becoming someone different. A notable moment at the carnival was when it was an icy one degree, but the group realllllly wanted to wait in an hour long line to go on the carousel and potato-sack slide. They made a decision to wait in the line, and about an hour later when they’d gotten to the front of the lines and finished the rides, one of the girls stops us with excitement and shares her epiphany— Oh my gosh! We just lived a story right now! We were the character, the thing we wanted was to go on the rides, and we overcame the cold, this line, Raygen’s complaining and time to do it And all of that made us more patient, and become better friends. I get it now!”

Some things you just can’t make up.

Thank you for your continued support of Inverted Arts and believing, with us, in the creativity and joy of our youth. You are apart of our story and what a good one it is.

-Raygen Samone

  1. Renee Kraemer

    Fun night out!!! I love the epiphany. So sweet. Thank you Raygen.