Let’s Walk the Talk

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By Milaya Spann

Let’s Walk The Talk

Fashion and Modeling Workshop At People Serving People

I arrived at People Serving People prepared to share my knowledge on fashion, the industry, self-love, character-building and its challenges. Although I was eager to teach, but just as excited to learn from the students. The youth of PSP were phenomenal. It was exciting; our icebreaker challenges seemed to be the activation button that would lead to full discussions and unique activities such as “express yourself” photoshoots and interactive games that focused on the beauty of life, having friends, loving oneself and last but not least, character-building. We discovered that fashion isn’t just about walking down a runway, or being on a cover of a magazine, but that fashion can be expressed in whatever way we choose, whether it is styling a friend, creating a lookbook, or even walking down the hall at school. It was all about having confidence and making it what you wanted to be. In all, I enjoyed hearing about their dreams of future businesses and how they would play a role in the fashion industry. It didn’t cease to amaze me, how much life these geniuses had when they spoke about their passion and goals. Before we knew it, we were breaking through society’s standards of what beauty and brains looked liked, and being our highest selves. When you’re doing what you love time sure does fly. That’s the reality I came to as we approached our last day of Let’s Walk The Talk. It was an honor to have the opportunity to work with Inverted Arts and People Serving people to share my passion with such a beautiful group of young geniuses and fashionistas!