Mathare 2015

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We just returned from our fifth Art Camp in the Mathare Valley, Kenya and were blown away by the amazing creativity of the 60 talented students who participated! This years team of Artist Mentors were: Jason, LaVonne and Philister – Video, Henry and Dennis – Photography, Sarah and Seth – Visual Art, Mark, James and Winny – Music. The 2015 edition saw some exciting developments: a new partnership with Nairobi Chapel and the Jubilee Scholarship Program that brought 20 students to Art Camp, and recent IA Scholarship recipients Philister, Winny and Henry all serving as Artist Mentors during the Camp. The week ended with a Showcase Celebration on Friday April 17th where students presented their creative achievements to friends and family, and the Showcase included a special performance by well-known Kenyan recording artist Helen Mtawali. We continue to deepen our partnership with Mathare Community Outreach and are grateful for the work and friendship of leadership and staff. Thanks also to the great efforts of our host and friend, Dotun Modupe.

Now take a look at the amazing art the students created!


Masterpiece from Inverted Arts on Vimeo.

Diamond – Music Video from Inverted Arts on Vimeo.

Interviews from Inverted Arts on Vimeo.

Scavenger Hunt from Inverted Arts on Vimeo.

Stop and Slow Motion from Inverted Arts on Vimeo.

Visual Art

Visual Arts Mathare 2015 from Inverted Arts on Vimeo.


Photography from Inverted Arts on Vimeo.



Apples – Music Class

Conquerors – Faith

Best Mum – Winny

Don’t Ever Leave Me – Belline and Dorine

It’s a Beautiful Day – Christine and Shanton

Focused – John and Faith

Lord You Are My Shepherd – Brenda

Mungu Ananijua Vyema – Agata

We Worship You – David, Solomon and Edwin



Lydia and Pecilla