Meet Rachel Kite

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IMG_1372We are thrilled to introduce you to Rachel Kite; our second IA Scholarship recipient from Hope Academy. The scholarship award is for $2,500/year for up to four years. Rachel is planning to attend the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in the fall of 2016. She has participated as a student and intern in several Inverted Arts Exploration programs at Hope over the past 6 years and recently displayed three original pieces (and sold two of them!) at our Art-A-Whirl Open House. She will also be serving as a Visual Arts Assistant during our Art Exploration Program at Hope Academy June 13th – July 8th.

Artist Mentor Sarah Albinson has worked closely with Rachel and comments, “Rachel has been a joy to work with for the past couple years! I feel honored to know her and inspired both by her drive and her abilities. She has a gift in translating her thoughts into imagery and I’m excited to know she will be continuing on and pursuing and growing this gift. Congratulations Rachel!”

Here’s more from Rachel herself:

“My name is Rachel Kite.I am the oldest out of eight children. I will be starting my freshman year at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design this fall, majoring in Graphic Design. My goal with my artistic talents is to use it to help my community and give back. One dream I am considering right now is becoming an art teacher and going back to Hope Academy, my former high school, and teaching there.”