Mexico 2016

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By Artist Mentor Sarah Nelson
The four year relationship with Casa de Mi Familia has been a blessing to both sides, and it was wonderful to see our sweet friends and partners in Tijuana! It had been two years since we have been able to have a workshop in Mexico, and it was incredible to see how well former students had retained the skill sets and knowledge!
This year my husband John Mark and I met Monte and Lisa Sanders, our partners with Casa, and spent five days in Tijuana with our dear friends. We had two classes a day each lasting two to three hours. In the mornings we met with the older kids and taught a block printmaking course. Most had already been in this course, and they recalled the process and advanced their skills. They are working to create stationary for their supporters that can be original hand crafted gifts, or even be sold locally. In the afternoons, all kids were allowed to participate and so we would find ourselves with 23 kids ages 5-20 drawing and painting things from life, at the beach, in the garden, etc.
These students are incredibly talented and hard working. Many would stay for hours after class and continue to draw or paint, perfecting the techniques they had learned during the day.
This trip was also highly relational, so we would go to church gatherings, eat, and play games with them. It was so wonderful to see how they had grown over the past few years, and to watch them create and grow as individual artists.
I couldn’t be more proud or grateful for these friends and their willingness to work hard. They add so much beauty to the world.
We hope to return in February and continue a twice a year program.