Our Newest Scholarship Students From Kenya

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Rose Simbirirose-simbiri

My name is Rose Simbiri and I am a third year student at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication working toward a diploma in Television Program Production. I had always wanted to study law, but I changed my mind when I gained interest in cameras and that is when I decided to go to a media school. I use what I have learned in school to serve as an Artist Mentor during the Inverted Arts Camps in Mathare. I would like to work with one of the production companies like Dream Works or CBS and I would like to do my own production work as well.

Kevin Otieno Obambokevin-2

I am 23 years old and the second born and the only boy from a family of four. I have an elder sister and two other girls following me. We grew up at Kariobangi Outreach Children’s Home after the demise of our parents. The OCC church Kariobangi came to our rescue and placed us at the home. Currently I live with my sister who got support and now is working. Only our last born sister still live in the home and the other one in high school courtesy of support through MCO

I am currently a student at AFRICA FILM AND TELEVISION TALENT TRAINING INSTITUTE pursuing a course in Film and TV production. I am in my first semester. This has been my ambition and my aim is to improve and bring new ideas in our production industry. I am also gifted in singing and can also play key board fairly well. Once am through with my college, I pray to run an events Management firm e.g. weddings, funerals, birthdays and any function that needs coverage. I also pray to do private correspondence with the main media houses. To give back, I hope to assist other children in Mathare and do documentaries for MCO.

Yvonne Achieng Owinoyvonne

I am 20 years old the eight born in a family of ten comprising 5 boys and 5 girls. Both my parents are alive and live in our rural home. My father is a retired employee of Kenya power and my mother a house wife all along.

I have been pursuing a course in Fashion design at Unity College for the last year. I will sit for my National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) examination in July this year. I plan to switch school to Buru Buru school of Arts for further training in fashion design leading to Kenya national examination council (KNEC) exams. Both exams are conducted by the government.

I have always nursed a passion in design. What inspires me most is the current generation struggling with the fashion trend. I want to be one of the best designers around to help cope with the ever emerging fashion trend. I want to challenge myself to come up with unique and acceptable designs for both males and females.

I had a chance to participate in the Inverted Arts Camp this year in the fashion class and also had a chance to learn more from Philister Miruka who is also a scholarship recipient and Artist Mentor for Inverted Arts. Apart from design work I believe I have what it takes to model too. I will be encouraging other youth to pursue what they love most but at the same time not ignore their other God given talents.