We’re All in This Together

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“We’re All in This Together!”

It’s Give to the Max Eve and I can’t stop thinking about the song “We’re all in This Together” from Disney’s High School Musical. Sometimes divine moments happen in the strangest places. Last week I was so proud as I watched my daughter sing that song with gusto at her own middle school’s version of the musical. They’re catchy lyrics that I can’t get out of my head. Truth is like that. Catchy.

As humans we’re so prone to focus on ourselves and our own “needs.” Even when we’re trying to do good things for others, we can get so focused on what we “need” to do it. But what if we were more focused on helping others get what they need? If something helps you, then it helps me too! If it’s is good for you, it’s good for me! If you succeed, we all succeed! Life’s not a zero-sum competition; it’s a beautiful collaboration. A rising tide raises all the boats.

I think that’s what Give to the Max Day is all about; not just “igniting generosity and growing giving,” but reminding us that we are all in this together! We need each other! Inverted Arts has the privilege of partnering with many remarkable organizations that are making this world a better place. But that’s only half the story. Each organization has the privilege of partnering with generous donors like you who are the fuel that keep these organizations running. We are doing good things – together!

Tomorrow, on Give to the Max Day November 12th, consider being the fuel that keeps these engines running:

Hope Academy

Sojourner Truth Academy

The Lift

East Side Neighborhood Services

Venture Academy

People Serving People

Bucket Brigade Theater

Because we’re all in this together,

Mark Collier

Inverted Arts President

Inverted Arts
Give to the Max Day 2015